Did someone mention dress season?

Yes thats right you did hear someone mention dress season girl and its not just this seasons dresses we are talking about! We are talking about re finding those fav little pieces from last years summer, that you knew were timeless pieces! One of my favourite things to do is find clothes you forgot about or find clothes you never wore cause you either 1) didn’t feel confident or 2) had no idea what to wear them with?!! Ye i was going through a fashion-midlife crisis last summer cause i had all these beaut dresses and the weather was just like ‘no girl, go back inside and bang on your comfies’.

Recently though I had been adding a few little gems into my wardrobe that caught my eye at work… well i say ‘caught my eye’, they were more like calling my name and my bank card. I invested in some cute floral dresses and three stripe dresses which are all totally different!!! I always think everyone needs a few new little numbers to add to their wardrobe to feel like they have options, but to also revitalise that ‘adams family’ theme going on and ye you definitely know what i’m talking about.

🌸The oldies🌸

Well if you’re like me and save every piece of clothing you have owned and then only really sort that massive suitcase under your bed out the next summer after, then we are certainly in the same fashion chaos! I’ve had this one white crochet floral dress for about 4 years and never worn it, but i’ve invested in a new oversized baby pink denim jacket and it would look so beautiful with it! So theres also some goodness to ‘saving’ aka hoarding clothes(I keep telling myself).

🌸The common trends?🌸

Well throughout the months at  work we have been having some right beauties in; from cute little stripe oversized baby doll dresses to effortless floral dress. But  i have noticed a few common trends: Floral, stripes, stripes and more stripes and oh of course some cute little denim pinafores with dreamy embroidery stitched and gingham. All these materials make a comeback every year so why not buy a few timeless pieces that you can at least feel confident on getting your wear out next summer🌸.

🌸The floral🌸

The dress is cross over where the outer left hand side connects to the middle of the inside of the right hand side ( two little strings to tie it with) and then the right hand sides pulls over to again tie but had a cute little clear button that enables you to just feel more secure. My favourite feature about the dress is the frills that are on the bottom!!! nothing says summer more than frills and floral!! The sleeves also has the frills on which also adds some more movement to the dress🌸

The main worry🌸? My main worry was the V-neck detail at the top! Having very little boobs stops me from having low cut/v-necks items. However through being able to be tied it totally stops this worry, as all you need is to put in a little pin (got mine from wilkinsons) where the belt ties and nobody even knows its there woo!

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 15.59.17

🌸The frill bardot dress🌸


Can you actually believe your eyes? Ye when i spotted this i just new i HAD to have it as its such a timeless little number!! What attracted me first was the frills and how it also allowed your shoulders to be on show in such an elegant way and damn a silver neckless with it too just sets it off! The frills that are featured on the front continue round to the back. At first glance though, you may feel this is over the top but once you try the dress on you will know that its not as its overtly flattering and allows you some movement too. Plus you cant help swilling round in it and feeling all ‘summery’

The warning! I did find the dress rather transparent so i bought a cheap little tight underdress in white thats only from primark- £2.50!!! I did get the little underdress from last year but primark do them every year-so girl don’t worry! 🌸


As you can see its all FSF= FRILLS, STRIPES AND FLORAL this summer and TOPSHOP and ZARA have some beautiful collections too! Dig out that old clothes bag, suitcase or hidden clothes that you’ve just never had the time to sort out- cause girls its summer and you don’t need to be spending allot of money on a thousand dresses cause i bet you have a few little numbers hiding around!

love, chloe-louise🌸x

Both the dresses are from TOPSHOP  BUT the 2nd one is still online! Type in:

2.10C13LLBL 🌸

However topshop Still have so so many dreamy dresses still in and these are the top 3 i recommend: 

  1. Ditsy Floral Print Tea Dress: 10S24MPBL🌸
  2. Floral Square Neck Midi Dress: 10H01MBLK🌸
  3. Daisy Lace Skater Dress: 10S02LIVR 🌸

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