That Classic dress

🌸You know that little dress you have in your wardrobe or that little dress you’ve had for years and returns every summer? Thats the classic dress i’m on about! Zara kills me every year with their summer collection as they seem to effortlessly create such beautiful garments!


A few months ago I bought this little pale blue strap dress with a pleated detailing mid way down the dress, but I  didn’t realise the true beauty of it! As originally  it came with a throw-over loose navy jumper with cute as hell ruffles on the lower arms. The two pieces originally come sewn on together but with a few tugs, if you’re lazy like me or do it the *right* way (recommend) using some scissors- and any old pair will do! The jumper is so ideal though for those late summer nights where it gets abit chilly and your denim jacket just isn’t hitting the spot for you… happens far too often. But the navy jumper hangs slightly on the shoulder which allows you to still show some of that hidden strap and just makes the look more complete!

What to wear it with?

I decided to wear the dress without the jumper and paired it with my black high top converse but then i’ve also paired it with my grey mules from topshop (£26). I wouldn’t worry as much with what colour shoes or with kind of shoes you wear with this dress, as through the lightness of the blue, the colour sits so beautiful on any over bold or neutral shade!Through the looseness of how the dress hangs, any body shape and height would look so classic in the dress and girll it would do you justice! I also went and paired it with some  simple silver jewellery that are all from TOPSHOP: elephant ring, midi rings and an mermaid necklace, to just reiterate that ‘beachy vibe’.

🌸 Feeling that beach vibe🌸

Then for that California beach hair kind of vibe I’ve recently been using the measurable difference  ‘playa waves’ … (slightly confused by the playa name hahah) salt spray: that my god, smells beautiful: imagine you’re on the beach slightly laying down with the breeze running through your hair and then someone sprays a coconut infused spray🌸🌸,Girll thats the smell your hair will get!  If you’re a bargain hunter like my self, head down to your local TKmaxx as they always stock organic and natural salt spray that I always find works better on your hair(dry or damp) and doesn’t dry it out and actually does create effortless tousled waves! Plus it was £4.99!

Don’t be afraid to wear those 5 year old dresses that make you feel super beautiful/ relaxed as they may not be ‘in trend’. Summer isn’t always about being on the latest trend that everyone keeps moaning about- summer is meant to be ‘stress-free’, relaxed and for you to be comfortable in your self, whilst you’re there sweltering in the heat haha… and a timeless dress like this will never leave you worrying about how your look in the heat so damnn grab that dress, put it on and feel you again!🌸

chloe-louise🌸 xx

-instagram: hillchloelouisee



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