Its just that Pink double denim thing🌸

Topshop has killed my bank balance (and me) this month, cause all i’ve been buying from work is these cute little two piece sets!! When I first spotted the must have Fashion targets breast cancer pink denim over sized jacket, that Topshop released, i just had to buy!!! The jacket has identical elbow rips on each side, which are actually dead handy- cause girl when its’ warm and sweaty you need some air (we’ve all been there)… Whats even better to know is that whenever you buy the jacket- 30% of the purchased price goes towards the cancer charity ‘breast cancer now’ so you don’t have to feel as guilty spending your money and know that your money is going towards a wonderful charity that helps individuals everyday🌸.

🌸However the size?🌸

I’m usually either between a size UK 6/8 but i had to go for a size 4 as its that oversized!!!  So I would definitely recommend going down either 1 or 2 sizes!! The actual size 4 is still super cosy/loose fit, so it beautifully hangs off my shoulders. Allot of customers always ask my opinion on whether or not an over-sized style jacket looks ‘just too big’. When you’re ordering online or trying on the jacket its always hard to see if you actually could pull it off or suits your figure. So I  always recommend reading reviews and also following this one rule when deciding: does it look too hunched up round the shoulders/ makes them look like you’re working that hunch back of Notre-Dame kind of look? What I realised is that sometimes oversized jackets don’t do us all justice especially if you’ve got broad shoulders (like me) cause they hang super weird (Sometimes). So if you’re trying on in store, girl don’t be afraid to whip out your phone in the changing rooms in front of that mirror to see how it looks on camera. Cause for me, I always find it better to see how it looks digitally before whipping your credit card out at the till and getting home and being like damn ‘why the hell did I buy this’…


🌸Now for the double pink denim🌸

When I wear pink, I always tend to opt for the combination of ‘pink and white’, especially within summer,  but with English weather you actually can never rely on- so I opted for black this time! I paired it with my black mules and my black ribbed off the shoulder flared top, which are both from Topshop (oh how ironic haha). This season I have a two way relationship with floral and plain bold statement colours, but I always think whenever you wear a two-piece or double denim/gingham its best to allow them to speak for themselves and just match them with super cute rose gold or silver freedom jewellery!!! But then, I also do like to pair double denim with bold prints i.e. a slightly oversized stripe tee.  The denim skirt features a raw waistband detail to give it that edgy look, but also allows the skirt to not just be that classic ‘mini skirt’… even though I must admit my wardrobe is full of mini skirts and especially denim ones!!🌸

The skirts size is true to fit, so i would go for your normal size. I am around 5’6 and i’m wearing a size 6 here but don’t feel put off if you’re taller and feel this is too short, as damnn TopShop also has a tall section to indulge yourselves into (woo). I decided to still wear a belt, due to my waist being like an oddity to my body but thats not a bad thing to have, as you just have to work out tips and tricks on how to still rock that outfit!! The belt has silver detailing to the buckle, which then allowed me to pair my silver jewellery without any clashes.


🌸Thank you for reading lovelies and I do hope you got some kind of style advice or future look in mind, that girlll you will definitely pull off!!! Don’t be afraid to whip out some double denim or your two-pieces from last year or this year!! As no two-piece can ever be too much!! 🌸

links to the items: 

denim skirt:

Denim jacket: 


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