Topshop, whats it’s like to work there?

Hello my lovelies, its certainly time i got back to fashion blogging!!


What I find most intriguing is how many times i’ve actually been asked since working at topshop; ‘oo whats it like to work at topshop’, ‘what are the people like’ and damn the list goes on (unravels 10m long list). I thought id make a blog post on this, as girl, there are too many misconceptions of how people portray ‘topshop girls/boys’.

The 4 most annoying misconceptions:

  1. they’re bitchy
  2. its for smaller ‘young’ people
  3. theres never no bigger sizes
  4. the company is snobby

I’ve worked there 3 years and I have never once witnessed any of my team members or I, be verbally or physically rude to either a customer or staff member. Im not discounting that of course not every person who works for the company will be like this but i cn tell the majority will be!! More than likely we end up talking to the customer for about 30 minutes about how they’re or their outfit for tonight that most likely is that stressful as hell party or night out they’re going to in 2 hours and are physically SCREAMING ‘last minute shopping trip’  right across their face….damn don’t worry cause we all have been there more than once (bows head in shame haha).  As a company we strive for perfection in customer service and this motto is carried on through every shift anybody in the company does and is also broadcasted amongst our own company app (which is addictive as hell).  What saddens me the most is how some people believe that we only cater for the ‘young size 6 girl’ and sometimes feel they’re unable to come in and shop. Honestly, in Topshop we do not discriminate against any gender, age or sex  OR SIZE and certainly not just to ‘young skinny girls’ but to everyone, cause trust me in our topshop,  a warm welcome is certainly waiting for you and probably me being damn to talkative and looking like i’ve just been a sweet shop all day hahah.


Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 17.06.49

This is certainly not the case anymore as we finally launched size 18 (dead popular size!!!)!!! This has been something i’ve never understood why we never offered the size in the first place but its an amazing step forward for the company and our shoppers!! You could call me a hypocrite as i am a size 6/8 but when you see customers in store, truly unconfident about their own body cause shops don’t offer size 18, this is when you start to care and understand just how horrid this is and must be for them, especially for their own self-esteem!!! However one must not forget how it is to be a size and still get glared at on a daily basis for being ‘small’. Trust me i dont’ find it flattering to be told ‘it only suits you cause you’re small’. AT topshop we offer clothes for every shape, size, height and body out there so don’t just limit yourself to certain clothes!!! try and experiment as at topshop we offer this for you!!

How can you be sure topshop cares about all customers? For one, as a company we have on going  weekly and monthly incentives,  to boost all our confidence in customer service  and work on things as a company we could certainly improve on! Thats why we value all customer feedback we can get and ooo if you also get a chance to win £100 just for telling how you feel!!!! (secretly jealous). What people seem to forget about all sales advisors and not just at topshop is that we are REAL and not just pre-programmed robots walking in topshop clothes… if only hahaha. Sometimes we all have them off days which require no explanation,  but what i most adore about working at Topshop is that my work family. My work family are always there to support me and through having such a supportive team you just seem to forget how you feel. People don’t seem to see this side of Topshop and for me its the most valuable.  Plus come on, we all have those regular super nice customers, who pop in and just automatically bring a smile on your face! Or them new customers who require your help and then so nicely thank you so much for just helping them,  is the reason why you can go to work at Topshop in any mood and trust me by the end theres no more crying!


For instance we have CWC (CONNECTING WITH CUSTOMERS) and this is constantly on going. We push our service and also photograph it to say how proud we are of ,for instance a particular team member for their connection with a customer and going that extra mile in terms of service wooo and plus you could win a cute little gift! These photographs then go on our company app and allow everyone in the company to see how other stores are rocking service as per woo and push others to kick some fashion butt in customer service!! People forget that theres more to what goes on both outside and inside work. Through my store winning incentives woooo, we get to go on monthly team outings and have a few drinks, a little dance and of course the one and only DELICIOUS FOOD… (faints in delight).

The staff room, what goes off?

Well eating and watching idiot abroad of course… Our staff room is certainly a jazzy one. We have all our handprints on the wall signify us as being part of the team and plus when you’re new knowing everyones name can be dead hard so whenever stuck just admire the wall hahaha. Plus whats so nice about ours is that we have little buffets for certain occasions and little treats now and again that we all can delve into (who could say no to free food ;). Plus last summer my old boss bought us all ice creams to enjoy on our breaks to relieve our mouths from all that talking!!!!


The personal one: what was I like before working at topshop?

i’ll be honest before working at Topshop i was unconfident in my abilities and was dead timid and was scared to task risks in developing my own personal style, but since i’ve been there my team have seriously brought me out of my shell (how cliche hahah) but its true! Sometimes just having constantly supportive buddies and team around you makes you feel part of a big family and work does no long become ‘oh god ive got work today’ but becomes ‘yes cant wait to get to work and see what i.e. beth looks like in her rocking new jeans she bought yesterday’. Work becomes like a second home (pardon the pun hahaha). Plus how can you not love walking into work in your new outfit and your work team saying you look ‘hot’ and ‘adorable’ and then taking your picture to post on the app and show your style off!!! Woo fashion role model more like!!!! 

This confidence I would have never been able to achieve unless i worked here. Plus my work team are so supportive of my mental health issues and being able to talk about it at work so freely is something you cant ever forget!!!  Plus whats better than being able to admire clothes all day long and spend your full wage on clothes…. as i tell myself ‘at least im working on my style’ hahhaha.

If a position comes up in your local town or somewhere near you, go in and give your CV and you could be the one wearing the purple TOPSHOP/TOPMAN lanyard helping someone find their dream outfit!!

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 16.00.53.png

Your topshop gal, chloe xx

p.s. who else is loving not only double denim but DOUBLE GINGHAM


or type in ‘hillchloelouisee’



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