4 items, 4 minutes

*Opens fridge and dies a little inside at the hideous sight of ZERO FOOD IN(not literally, but you know what i mean)*

Nothing to cook? No food in, just random bits? No effort to make anything, cause of that boring as hell day at work/uni? Ye the same feelings i have everyday… However your body needs energy to get you through tomorrow and who doesn’t like relaxing in your pjs with a warm bowl of food, whilst you chill and binge watch a tv series..


  • 1/4 onion/
  • Pack of noodles: i went for Nissin due to they’re pure beautiful and only 45p (Tesco).
  • 2 mushrooms.
  • Left over pork from yesterday’s dinner.


  1. Boil the kettle and place noodles into a bowl.
  2. Place 3 teaspoons of olive oil into a pan.
  3. Slice both the mushrooms and onions into what ever size you like. I tend to slice them up pretty small but that depends on my lazy-ness that day haha..
  4. Throw the veg into the pan and gently flip (allows the oil to cover all the veg).
  5. When the kettle is boiled, pour gently over the noodles and sachets (comes free with noodles wooo) and allow to soak (not you in the bath, the noodles=food focus on).
  6. Once your veg is not burnt, pour into the bowl that contains your noodles and mix together. I personally tend to leave the juice in rather than pouring it out, as it keeps the noodles moist.

The result:  Noodle heaven.

A quick meal that takes literally 4 minutes or less and is a little more nutritious than just your packet of noodles. What I find the most satisfying is knowing that  you have used up ingredients that you may have thrown away or forgotten about. Unless you come from a family like mine that are complete polar opposites: older relatives=throw nothing away and use everything up. Mum= sell by date: 1 day to go but looks completely fine= still throws away.

love, chloe x




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